OCG (Optical coating glass) substrate for OGS / TOL / Cover Glass

Models : Anti-Reflection / Invisible / Anti-Blue light / Anti-Glare
Dimension : Gen 3.5 / Gen 4 / Gen 4.5

3D Glass / 3D 曲面玻璃系列

Hony's own-developed glass forming technique tailors to each customer's needs. 3D glass is perfect for your innovative design on lighting, home appliances, wash basin, AIO, portable electronic devices, and etc. 


AG TouchPad Glass / AG 玻璃觸控軌跡面板系列

Hony's AG touchpad glass featured silkily smooth texture delivers the ultimate user experience.


Antibacterial Elevator Buttons / 醫療級殺菌電梯按鈕系列

A typical elevator button harbours nearly 40 times as many germs as a public toilet seat. Hony's patent anti-bacterial elevator buttons are coated with medical nano-silver germ-free formula. High wear-resistance takes long-term care of your health.