Invisible / 隱形鍍膜

Our top-grade AR coating shows zero-reflection and delivers vivid colors, sharp images, as if there is no glass at all. Your best choice for display cabinets and monitor cover glass.


Antibacterial + Anti-Reflection / 醫療級殺菌 + 抗反射鍍膜

Germ-free and anti-reflective, protects users' eyes and health.

於抗反射膜層中加入醫療級奈米銀殺菌配方, 集殺菌和抗反射優點於一身。

Anti-Blue light / 抗藍光護眼鍍膜

Our specially formulated anti-blue light coating blocks incident light in the blue range, prevents digital eye strains and workplace eye injuries.

專業抗藍光膜層, 可阻絕 3C 產品螢幕發出對眼睛有害的藍光, 防止長時間使用電子產品造成的疲勞酸澀, 全面保護使用者的視網膜健康。

Non-Conductive Metallic coating / 金屬不導電鍍膜

The bright finishing delivers metal-like texture with non-conductivity, excellent physical properties, and wear-resistance. It prevents radio interference, and is widely applicable to electronic devices, such as mobile phones, PDA, GPS, and bluetooth gadgets.


Super TCO / 改良型 TCO 鍍膜

This newly developed TCO coating features high conductivity, high wear-resistance, high transmittance, and provides solid thermal insulation.  It is not only functionally efficient but also cost-wise.

宏益研發的改良型TCO鍍膜具有高導電、高耐磨耗、高穿透率、高隔熱效果,不論是電性和光學特性都相當有競爭力, 且不再需要黃光製程, 較現行通用的ITO更環保, 成本更低廉, 不論是太陽電池, 液晶顯示器, 電漿平面顯示器, 觸控面板等產業都可導入, 讓您的產品更有競爭力。