Antibacterial / 醫療級殺菌鍍膜

Our nano-silver anti-bacterial coating prevents bacteria grow by destroying its cell wall. It's a long-term germ terminator which safely kills over 99.99% common disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and molds with no negative side-effect. 

以高溫製程在玻璃表面鍍上宏益獨家之醫療級奈米銀配方, 強力殺菌, 破壞菌體細胞壁, 抑制細菌生長, 殲滅超過99.99%以上的常見病菌。可應用在家庭用品, 電子設備觸控面板或視窗玻璃, 醫療相關產品, 建築玻璃等, 提供消費者健康安全的環境。

Min size : 25x25mm
Max size : 800x1000mm
Thickness : 0.4mm ~ 6mm
Glass material : Sodalime Glass, Alumina Silicate Glass, Optical White., etc